In the year 1955, planting of opium fourished cmormously in Norchern Thai -Myanmar bordcr. UN acively accepted invitation from Thai government in rcplacement of coffe  planting, instead of opium. After that coordination in order to leverage standard of living bacame stronger over time.

22 years from international coordination initiation, Chao Thai Pu Kao Highland Agricultural Projccts: CTK-HAP was established undcr supervised of Chao Thai Pu Kao. CTK-HAP is responsible for providing information, suggestion and marketing for coffee farmers. Ourpasion for product improvement and development never be faded away. As seen from research of coffee cherry benefits which were discovered by factory engineers. The engineers noticed that fruit or pulp of coffee is wasted pitinesly. Coordination between engireers and rescarchers, then founded to came up with high antioxidants as result. Besides the drink of hcalchy, aromatic and tasty.