“H-Innovation for Lives”

is our work philosophy.

H: Highland Agricultural, foundation of HILLKOFF. This is our identity of the past, present and future. It is an important mechanism that allows environmental sustainability to happen. Especially, fertility of forest, soil, air and water. Indeed, we are coftee producers. But now we already jumped out of the coffee cup with highland local wisdom.


I : Innovation, synergize all arts and sciences discipline into daily work process. In order to find new opportunity thac based on local resources and innovatively create values. we started almost 10 years ago. In attempting to explore deeply in what we can do with coffce, not only beans but the whole coffee trec. Now we conduct rescarches on several kind of plants in high ground which grow in coffee farms. 


Lives, our solid works will moving to the future, Because organization cannot rely on short term vision. Middle and long term plans are necessary to implement. Firm needs to comprehend the dynamic environment and catch the pace with fast moving world. Our mission is seeking for mutual social sustainability. All of our work, has done intentionally to deliver more value and well being to people lives.